Tips for Using Digital Text and Audio

Audio is delivered in the RealAudio format. Click here to download the latest version of the free RealAudio player.

When you navigate to a digital object, whether text or audio, the object should open in a new window. By opening both the text and audio components of a given song and keeping both windows open, you can follow along in the text while listening to the song.

Most songs recorded by Parry included many, sometimes hundreds, of individual sides of phonograph discs. Each disc side has been reformatted as a separate digital file. When you navigate to a digital audio recording, the RealPlayer will open a playlist which will play back all the record sides belonging to a given song in order. You can use the playlist function of the RealPlayer to navigate to individual disc sides, if you do not wish to listen to the entire song.

You can access the RealPlayer’s playlist function by looking for the “Now Playing” menu option.




















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